Pallet system

      This is a highly effective

supplying system for Astrobox ensuring long term unmanned operation of the system.

At the beginning there are

two trolleys

positioned in the box. One carries pallets with individual products to be tested and one empty trolley.


First the robotic arm takes the first product from the trolley and moves it on the measuring station.

After the requested dimensions are measured and the part is suitable the arm places it on

the second trolley.

If the dimensions are

off pre-set tolerances

the part is placed


The application for putting off defective parts is chosen based on shape and size of tested parts.


Each type of measured parts has its own bespoke pallets made from a special material

according to shape and size of said parts. We even provide

semi-finished pallets

in which you can fabricate your own shape.

Two-sided pallets

also allow reducing the number of pallets used when testing more than one type of product.

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Employee evaluation system

     Employee evaluation system is a very effective tool which

removes anonymity

and thus leads to increase in responsibility amongst employees. It gives

information about current state of measurement,

maintains important information about current contract and

generates statistics

accordingly. This is without any doubts the most important part of Astrobox.

      Each employee uses their unique

bar code

to mark a pallet. Prior to processing each pallet, the robot scans the bar code and counts the good and bad components. Measuring of each component uses optical signals for






Collected data are transformed into graphs.

Trend chart of the overall scrap rate for different types of products as well as for every employee can be seen on these graphs.

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Tuned to the smallest detail

, these accessories make Astrobox even more exquisite. They extend the use of Astrobox, ensure convenient handling and

security of operation.

Although each gadget isn’t as important as

employee evaluation system

they make a strong pillar of Astrobox integration into the production process.


To avoid any injury due to ignoring the safety instructions

(for example unauthorized access to the box while measurement is in progress)

the Astrobox is equipped with an end switch on both doors.

If the safe zone is accessed while the Astrobox is working

all systems are switched off.

Immediate shutdown can also be executed using an

emergency STOP button

on the front side of Astrobox.

Two dimmable economy LED lights

are taking care of proper workplace lighting which is a necessity for every production line. Built-in

air conditioning

keeps the temperature steady.

USB port

on the front side of the Astrobox allows

downloading the data without the need of accessing the box itself.

Other accessories

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Astrobox Keyence
Astrobox Renishaw