Robotic measurement of parts for 100% quality control

     One of the key features of the


system is its versatility and wide utilisation.

A broad variety of different shapes and materials from all parts of industry can be tested.

    Astrobox is a universal
automated unmanned station for a non-stop measurement completely without the factor of human error. It takes over the burden of responsibility over quality control of your company’s products. Thanks to the employee evaluation system it also removes anonymity and thus leads to increase of responsibility amongst employees. It is suitable for large series production as well as for small series. Our system also offers stability evaluation and generation of other useful statistics.
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Why invest in purchasing ASTRO MEASURING BOX?

     After twenty years in the field of engineering production, as an owner of a midsize company, I always felt responsible for every product made by our company. We always tried to establish all kinds of precautions to prevent any reclamation which could harm the stability and image of the company. Unfortunately, the human factor, mood and personal problems of the employees cannot be eliminated, for they are natural human qualities.

     Times we live in are, in terms of business environment, marked by extreme demands for product’s quality assurance. For example parts producers in automobile industry are expected to produce maximum of 5 defective components from a million. Accomplishing such demand seems to be almost impossible (as I know from my own experience) yet it can be done! There are always some defective parts made, but they can’t make it to the customer! That is why we, after several years of innovations and improvements, developed our product.

     ASTRO MEASURING BOX was originally intended to serve only as part of company’s KNOW HOW ensuring us an edge over our competitors. However, after immense admiration of our guests, auditors, salesmen, academics,… we decided to share our innovations and offer our product to everyone who wants to be seen in the eyes of their customer as a solid partner which they can trust and to which they can always turn to during planning and implementation of new projects. That was the idea that led us to creation of the MEASURING BOX. Combined with both modern design and sense for detail, every last one of your guests will admire this system as is the case with ours.

Miroslav Dušek
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