Astrobox Renishaw

     Astrobox Renishaw is a universal automated unmanned station for a non-stop measurement completely without the factor of human error. 100% inspection of all desired dimensions is ensured by

tactile comparative measuring unit Renishaw Equator 300

with ± 0.002mm accuracy.
A broad variety of different shapes and materials from all parts of industry can be tested, for example
metal, ceramic, plastic, composite materials and many more.

  In combination with
pallet system, employee evaluation system and other accessory ensuring security and overall integration of Astrobox into the production process and become its integral part.
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Technical parameters
Pallet system
Employee evaluation system
Other accessories
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air conditioning
excellent design
security components


stable modular design from special profile bars
dimmable economy
LED lights

Renishaw Equator 300

measurement system monitor
light indications of good and bad parts
green / red
portable touch-screen panel
for controls and programming
of the robotic arm,
seated in a special holder
pallet system
KUKA robotic arm
employee evaluation system

4 - 7 bar

Astrobox Keyence
Astrobox Renishaw



Operational temperature range

Relative humidity range

Power supply

Average power draw

Compressed air supply

20 - 80%

2800 x 2840 x 2600 mm

850 kg

+10 to +40 °C

230V, 50 - 60 Hz

1300 W