Employee evaluation system
     Employee evaluation system is a very effective tool which removes anonymity and thus leads to increase in responsibility amongst employees. It gives information about current state of measurement, maintains important information about current contract and generates statistics accordingly. This is without any doubts the most important part of Astrobox.

      Each employee uses their unique
bar code to mark a pallet. Prior to processing each pallet, the robot scans the bar code and counts the good and bad components. Measuring of each component uses optical signals for good and bad parts.
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The current state of testing is shown on the integrated screen using a custom-made software application.

While the testing is under way, the display shows information presented on the screenshot below.

The data processed by the software application is subsequently used for a number of statistics reports.

     Today, statistical feedback is a necessity for a proper supervision and process control. Early exposure of any production machines flaw or employee irresponsibility can save you unnecessary worries or even loss of customers.

job information:
job number, component name, drawing number, quantity of components

in-process testing information:
number of


number of



measuring of each component uses optical signals for good and bad parts
Compliant / non-compliant product statistics for individual employees. This data is transformed into charts which portray the development of overall scrap rate for the component as well as for each employee. Employee performance data may be withheld from the screen; however, the possibility for statistics reports remains available.
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