Other accessories
     Tuned to the smallest detail, these accessories make Astrobox even more exquisite. They extend the use of Astrobox, ensure convenient handling and security of operation. Although each gadget is not as important as employee evaluation system, they make  a strong pillar for the integration of Astrobox into the production process.

To avoid any injury due to ignoring the safety instructions (for example unauthorized access to the box while measurement is in progress) the Astrobox is equipped with an end switch on both doors. If the safe zone is accessed while the Astrobox is working all systems are switched off. Immediate shutdown can also be executed using an emergency STOP button on the front side of Astrobox.
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Two dimmable economy LED lights are taking care of proper workplace lighting which is a necessity for every production line. Built-in air conditioning keeps the temperature steady. USB port on the front side of the Astrobox allows downloading the data without the need of steping into the box itself.

end switch deactivates all equipment once the door opens

dimmable economy LED lights

emergency STOP button,
service key,
USB for data transfer


Built-in camera

for on-line navigation.

The modular design permits to combine any number of compartments in a row. Portable touch-screen panel is used for controlling and programming of the robotic arm.

On the front side of the Astrobox there is a special holder dedicated for this panel. There is also another emergency STOP button placed on this panel.

All of Astroboxes computers are placed in the area below the measuring device. For easier access there are two drive-out shelves instaled on robust rails. All powering and data cables are routed into the main switch-board. This switch-board is located behind the rear wall. It can be at any time accessed from the inside of the box just as well as any other important electronic device of the Astrobox.

air conditioning

The modular design permits
to combine any number of compartments in a row.

Astrobox Keyence
Astrobox Renishaw

portable touch-screen panel for controlling and programming of the robotic arm, seated in a special holder